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Ocean plant pot Orka 15cm

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Our new 15cm Orka Ocean Plastic Pot & Saucer Set is larger than our bloom set with a double height saucer for more water volume.

These pots are made using only 100% fishing net collected in Scotland from the beaches of Eigg, Muck, Rum, Canna, Coll and the Isle of Skye. 

We partnered with The Scottish Islands Federation Marine Litter Group, The Isle of Skye Beach Cleans and The Scottish Coastal Clean Up Initiative, to remove a staggering ten tonnes of plastic waste from the beaches of Eigg, Muck, Rum, Canna, Coll and the Isle of Skye in a supported by the Ocean Recovery Project

Over 50 people from the communities of the Islands participated in the beach cleans, where any rope and net material collected was then taken to Mallaig Harbour by small boat. Over 2 tonnes of the material was identified as being able to be recycled and made into the new Orka Ocean Plastic Pot in Scotland

The matt green colour is created when all the colours of different small bits of fishing  net collected combine during the recycling process, these can also be seen in the pots once they have been made. 

Created by a deep sea diver after salvaging a stricken cargo ship full of plastic off the west coast of Scotland They Can be used inside or outside as a grow pot or pot cover.


  • It is designed to take a 12/13/14 cm grow pot for a house plant. 
  • And measures 15cm in diameter (outside edge) and 15.5cm high.